Vitendo 4 Africa to present Diversity and Inclusion Award to the Kummer Center for STEM Education

Posted by Jude Enete on October 9, 2023


The STEM Center has been invited for a special recognition by V4A (Vitendo 4 Africa), an NGO committed to empowering African Immigrants and providing a healthier and supportive environment for these immigrants. The recognition will be presented as an award for Diversity and Inclusion at the V4A gala night on Saturday November 11, 2023. It will be accepted by the Associate Director of the STEM Center Roxanne Hanna on behalf of the STEM Center. 

The Tofauti na Ushirikishwaji (Diversity and Inclusion) Award is a revered bestowment reserved by V4A for individuals or organizations who have proven unmatched competence in promoting and preserving diversity in the St. Louis region and beyond. According to V4A, the award recipient is a distinguished individual or organization who has established a reputable record of support and community service in the immigrant community in the region.

A great number of Africans from the St. Louis region participated in the STEM-Mi-STEM summer camp of 2023, others arriving from places as far away as Ghana. During this period, campers got to interact with the S&T community in exceptional ways; they learned about campus life success and team building while solving engineering problems. The program also provided an avenue for campers to observe the Juneteenth celebration. Campers learned about the history behind the Juneteenth celebration and even got to design their own Juneteenth boards. Executive university officials were present to engage campers and make their first Juneteenth campus experience at S&T worthwhile.

Decorations such as the Tofauti na Ushirikishwaji award and the experiential learning award presented to Director Courtney Jones in 2022 serve as positive feedback to the STEM Center staff. These honors are celebrated by all and keep the staff members inspired to impact more K-12 lives.


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