Over 1200 K-12 campers attend S&T summer camps in 2023

Posted by Jude Enete on September 18, 2023

2023 Summer Camps hosts intercontinental attendance

The Kummer STEM Center for Education hosts annual STEM-focused summer camps usually running for 2 months from the beginning of June till the end of July. These camps are managed by result oriented staff members preparing campers to solve for tomorrow. The 2023 summer camps were the 2nd set of camps hosted by the Kummer STEM Center for Education at Missouri S&T since after the COVID-19 pandemic. With the addition of 8 new camps, the 2023 session saw a record number of over 1200 K-12 campers in attendance from across the country and beyond the continent—campers arrived from as far as from Ghana. Of the 13 previously existing camps from 2022, only the Camp Invention camp was paused in 2023. These changes brought the number of distinct exciting and experiential camp opportunities to 21. 

Here’s what you should know about the newly added 2023 camps.

Discovering Chemistry: The Discovering Chemistry camp offered students the opportunity to experience the central science of chemistry. Students synthesized pleasant-smelling molecules from simple materials, experienced how chemistry on Earth helps us study the chemistry of stars and space, found out (and experienced for themselves) how chemistry makes ice cream better, and so much more! 

Movie Makers: This is a very hands-on camp where campers learned everything from teamwork, “Hollywood” script creation, calling a take on set, post-production essentials, and even acting for the camera. This is truly “the creative meets the technical” as students had a chance to use professional equipment and learn from professional Creatives who work in the film and theater industry. At the end of the camp, campers hosted a film festival where their productions were premiered to the entire S&T community.

STEM-Mi-STEM (now STEM: I-STEM): Campers participated in hands-on learning and engaging engineering presentations from award-winning faculty from a broad range of STEM degrees. From scholarships and scholars, to residential halls and research, job fairs and just having fun in college, this camp offers the residential campus experience with a Makerspace mindset that brings theory and practice together in one challenging finale—the Mousetrap Car Tractor Pull which the camper teams built from scratch.

Mechanical Crash Course: This one is for students who are interested in making smart devices and products. Students designed an autonomous product with high school math and science knowledge. Their works saw the product’s design cycle, from project definition to test. This year’s project was the Design of an Autonomous vehicle to navigate an obstacle course and perform tasks along the obstacle course.

Amusement Park: It’s all about the thrills, chills, and exciting rides at the Six Flags amusement park! In this camp, students toured the engineering designs at Six Flags and used engineering physics, 3D printing, CAD, and hands-on models to develop their part of our own camp amusement park.

Viral Detectives: Campers play detective and investigate a mysterious disease in this hands-on exploration of disease containment. The campers identify viruses and vaccines, design ways to protect themselves and communities from viral pandemics, put themselves in the shoes of scientists working to stop an emerging new disease, and so much more.

Is it Alive?: Campers created a specimen collection by exploring the natural world around them. They investigated their specimens through close lab inspection to understand the physical characteristics. Using their gathered data, students categorized their collection using taxonomy classification and created detailed displays. There was a showcase at the end of the camp to show off the collections students made and what they learned.

Leading for Tomorrow: This camp prepares junior and senior students to be leaders for tomorrow for the common good in their schools and the community. Students participated in an intensive leadership experience designed to challenge their perspectives and stretch their comfort zone. They engaged in interactive activities and experiences to explore, develop, and reflect on adaptive leadership, resiliency building, crucial conversations, immunity to change, and various other leadership practices.

What to expect in 2024?

Based on feedback from campers, parents, and S&T faculty, the STEM Center is working on 6 new camps to be added in the coming 2024 summer camp session. The camps will include The Sound of Miners, Outdoor World, Physics, and Psychology camps.

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