K-12 Virtual Student Tutoring

The Kummer Center for STEM Education provides K-12 tutoring as a free service to the community. Currently, tutoring is only available virtually. Tutors are S&T college students who have indicated comfort with requested subjects and have been trained to tutor K-12 students.

Please note that:

  • Fall 2023 tutoring will begin in September, 2023 and will end in December, 2023.
  • Times will be determined based on the availability of tutors for requested subjects.
  • Subjects for tutoring are available on request; we do not pre-determine available subjects. When you make a request to be tutored, we will match you with an available tutor for your subject.
  • Available tutors are matched on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • Each student can only get one hour of tutoring per subject each week.

Interested in virtual tutoring for your child?

Please fill out this Virtual Tutoring Request Form to let us know your tutoring subjects and needs.