STEM Mobile Information

Purpose and Intent

Provide hands-on STEM activities to Missouri K-12 students.

Check back for information regarding equipment that is available via the STEM Mobile!

How will priority be determined?

Priority will be based on the purpose of the visit and how closely aligned it is to the mission of the STEM Center.


Reasons to request van

A unique opportunity that requires resources you do not have access to:

A community STEM event.

School events (science fairs, college and career fairs, etc…)

How far in advance should a request be submitted?

Minimum of one month in advance, however; early requests are preferred.

There are no guarantees of request acceptance.

What is the van availability?

The STEM Mobile is booked for our summer camps and the Missouri State Fair (come see us!) 

Request are being considered beginning September 2023.

How to request the van?

Click “Request an Experience” button to fill out the request form.